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TrojanHunter 6.0 Build 1038

Программа, позволяющая за максимально короткое время отсканировать всю систему и обнаружить вирус любого характера.


TrojanHunter 6.0 Build 1038


 The malicious programs that can steal personal information from your online activities are increasing everyday. A lot of spyware, malware and trojans are coming up and news about potential hacks of big organizations are overwhelming the market. A lot of accounts and passwords are displayed by hackers. TrojanHunter can help prevent most of these activities by removing these malicious software from your system before any damage is caused. These programs can be hidden in various unknown locations that uninstalling or manually deleting them is impossible.


 It has been proved to possess excellent detection rates owing to new and advanced algorithms that compute and identify these programs much faster and more efficiently.
 - A lot of times, it is also important to scan not just your storage space, but all the incoming and outgoing ports that are open to internet hijackers. TrojanHunter scans your folders, all or separately, registry settings and files, all types of files irrespective of their extensions and all 65536 ports.
 - A lot of programs cannot look into archived and packed files. This software can look into them, without unpacking them and scan them of possible threats.
 - Finally, the fastest engine so far, as mentioned above. It can scan a complete system in minutes rather than hours supporting both 32 and 64 architectures under the hood.

 In Depth

 - It is endowed with Memory Scanning that can even detect any modified versions of a particular build of trojan. Infile Scanning, is yet another feat that helps it look into configuration files provided with installers, which most of the time hide malicious codes that are just a few kilobytes.
 - TrojanHunter Guard is a resident memory scanner that awakes whenever the computer starts-up and LiveUpdate keeps the engine update with new and advanced algorithms on the go.
 - The Advanced Trojan Analyzer can pattern-match various flavors of famous trojans, keeps running in the background to delete trojans that inject into other valid processes.


 Their current release offers a free trial version without restrictions for a fixed period of time. Later, you can purchase it for a price tag of $39.95. There is another package that sells for $29.95. The current version is TrojanHunter 6.0. It is compatible with Windows XP till Windows 10 including both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

 Programs such as spyware, adware, spybots, dialers and trojans are all clubbed as malware and TrojanHunter can effectively deal with a vast array of such codes.

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